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Slash your electricity bills . Let's Go Solar !

The growing emphasis on solar energy utilization to achieve energy security as well as to combat the menace of climate change and global warming has resulted in the formulation of one of the world’s most ambitious solar missions in India. While the larger focus of the Mission is on grid-connected projects geared towards electricity generation, there are great opportunities to deploy solar energy technologies for various off-grid industrial applications as well.

In essence, roof top space is used from homeowners and businesses in order to establish a massive array of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels. The power generated by the solar panels at each installation site reduces the electrical load that is
normally drawn from the power grid.

Why Should You Invest In Solar Energy Today

Become Energy Independent

Protect Our Environment


With the DISCOMS' Net Metering Policy , your Rooftop Panel will become a Source of Income 

Save Money Everyday 

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